Advisor Manual

Below is the Advisor Manual to help you in your preparation for the YIG State Convention. The Advisor Manual includes important information on each program area, how to facilitate a delegation, YIG policies and procedures, and much more.

Tab 1 – Introduction to YIG (PDF)
Includes an overview of YIG and the Model Government Program, how students are involved, and a sample State Convention schedule.

Tab 2 – Yearly Info (PDF)
Includes key dates, deadlines, and other pertinent information for the 2013 program year.

Tab 3 – Advisor Info (PDF)
Includes how adults are involved, advisor duties, dress code, program area duties, risk management, discipline plan, and more.

Tab 4 – Delegation Information (PDF)
Includes an overview of delegations, suggested calendars, leadership, activities, and much more.

Tab 5 – Student Information (PDF)
Includes an overview of YIG, how students are involved, dress code, participation agreement, and more.

Tab 6 – CLI (PDF)
Includes an overview of the Civic Leadership Institute and some sample Preparation Kit questions.

Tab 7 – Executive Branch (PDF)
Includes an overview of the Executive Branch program area, with brief descriptions on the student roles.

Tab 8 – Judicial (PDF)
Includes an overview of the Judicial program area, trial information, how to write a brief, and a sample trial brief.

Tab 9 – Legislative (PDF)
Includes an overview of the Legislative program area, bill writing guide, how to present legislation, and sample bills.

Tab 10 – News Media (PDF)
Includes an overview of the News Media program area, with information about the Print Press and Video News.

Tab 11 – Student Leadership (PDF)
Includes detailed descriptions on all leadership positions, a must read for any students interested in serving in a leadership role.

Tab 12 – Campaigns and Elections (PDF)
Includes an overview of campaigns and elections, including specific campaign guidelines.