Program Documents

Below are program documents and guides to assist with your planning and preparation for the State Convention.

Civic Leadership Institute Documents

Civic Leadership Institute Preparation Kit (PDF)
All CLI students are required to complete the Preparation Kit before arriving at the State Convention. The Preparation Kit asks a series of open-ended questions on six issues.  Students need to bring their responses to the State Convention.

Judicial Documents

2017 Judicial Case (PDF)
This is the 2016 case and exhibits used for the mock trials at the State Convention.

Sample Trial Brief (PDF)
This is a sample trial brief to assist students with developing their trial brief.

Legislative Documents

Bill Submission Form (online form)
All Legislative participants must file a bill with the State Office by October 16, 2015. If two students are co-authoring a bill, only one form needs to be completed. Any bills submitted after the deadline will not be accepted and the student will be dropped from YIG. Please review the Bill Writing Guide for an overview of the bill format and tips on how to write a bill.

MOYIG Bill Writing (PDF)
This guide outlines the steps involved in writing a bill, including deciding on an idea, researching your bill, and putting it all together.

Bill Worksheet (PDF)
This worksheet can assist with taking an idea and turning it into a bill for the State Convention.

Media Documents

Media Requirements for Media Students (PDF)
All Print Press and Video News Students need to review this document for requirements prior to the State Conventions.

Media Requests for Delegations with No Media Students (PDF)
Delegations without media students should review this document. Also, these delegations are asked to complete an online survey.