Lewis Youth Governor – Special Election

Governor for 2017 Lewis State Convention

Congratulations to Brian Tretter (St. Louis University High School) who was elected Youth Governor for the Lewis State Convention.

Our Lewis Youth Governor Daven Turner passed away unexpectedly in August, prior to the school year starting. We continue to extend our prayers to Daven’s family and friends, and we will greatly miss his leadership and passion this fall at the Lewis State Convention.

Candidates for Lewis Governor

Brian Tretter
St. Louis University High School (SLUH)

Campaign Video

Facebook Page
Faith Zimmermann
Elsberry High School
Zach Tesch
Lindbergh High School
Gabby Hernandez
Visitation Academy

Campaign Video

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Joe Mathis
Saint Louis Priory School

Campaign Video
Caroline Bundschuh
Rockwood Summit High School

Campaign Video

Matthew White
Hazelwood East High School

Campaign Video

Gabriel Prather
Francis Howell Central High School

Campaign Video

Election Timeline

September 29
At noon, filing for Governor opens online. Students must meet the requirements for the office that they would have had to meet last fall when running for Governor, now modified to reflect that the candidates are in their senior year.

  • Currently a senior in high school, with at least two years of experience in Youth and Government.
  • Exhibits strong leadership characteristics and works well with others.
  • Speaks well in public, effectively conveying ideas and information.
  • Understands current issues and problems in society and in Youth and Government.
  • Possesses a strong working knowledge of YAG, and the relationships among its various program areas.
  • Develops a platform and effectively articulates this plan to others.

September 29 – October 5
Each day, we will update our website with the list of current candidates. Candidates may submit the following to be displayed and shared on our website:

  • Picture
  • Statement of Candidacy, limited to 300 words
  • Link to a campaign video hosted on another site
  • Links to social media pages

October 5
At noon, filing for office closes. Candidates must also have submitted all campaign materials by this date and time that they wish to have posted to our website.

October 6
At noon, voting will open. An email will be sent to all registered students with a link to a ballot unique to their email address. During the open voting period, reminder emails will be sent to students who have not yet voted.

October 11
At 3:00 p.m., voting will close. After the votes are counted, the new Governor will be announced by email and posted on social media.