Legislative Activities at State Convention

Students in the Legislature turn the ideas of Missouri youth into formal laws by writing, debating, and voting on legislation according to specific rules and procedures. The Legislative program also promotes leadership by operating under the direction of elected and appointed student officers. The structure and function of the YIG Legislature is based as closely as possible on those of Missouri’s state legislature, the General Assembly. The Legislature is composed of two “houses”the Senate and House of Representatives, and each house is broken down at times into a number of committees. Both the committees and houses are comprised of students serving as Senators and Representatives, who during the State Convention debate, vote, and attempt to pass legislation to be signed by the Youth Governor.

The operations of the Legislative program are based on parliamentary procedure and the rules of the Missouri General Assembly except when those guidelines are superseded by the rules of the YIG General Assembly.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon delivers the State of the State speech to the legislature in the House of Represenatives chambers at the Statre Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri on January 19, 2011. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

During most years the Legislative Program also contains a Novice House of Representatives for 9th grade students and new legislative participants to learn and get involved in the proceedings.

Legislative Leadership

In addition to the elected student leadership, there are a number of leadership positions available for students in the Legislative program. These positions include:

  • Presiding Officer (Speaker of the House or Lieutenant Governor)
  • Floor Leader
  • Secretary
  • Reading Clerk
  • Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Chaplain
  • Committee Chairpersons

For more detailed information on the qualifications, duties, and selection process for each position, please refer to the Candidates and Elections page.

Legislative Preparation

Participants in the Legislative program are responsible to taking necessary action to determine an area of needed state legislation — a new law, resolution, or constitutional amendment that creates, amends, and/or repeals statutes within the framework of Missouri law. Participants then must construct and submit their complete legislative efforts in proper form and compile information to support the proposed legislation.

Each legislator must author a bill. Representatives may co-author a bill, however there is a limit of two authors per bill. Senators may not co-author bills. Each legislator must submit a proposed piece of legislation to the State Office on or before the deadline date in order  to attend the State Convention.

Legislative Documents

Bill Submission Form (online form)
All Legislative participants must file a bill with the State Office by October 16, 2015. If two students are co-authoring a bill, only one form needs to be completed. Any bills submitted after the deadline will not be accepted and the student will be dropped from YIG. Please review the Bill Writing Guide for an overview of the bill format and tips on how to write a bill.

MOYIG Bill Writing 2015 (PDF)
This guide outlines the steps involved in writing a bill, including deciding on an idea, researching your bill, and putting it all together.

Bill Worksheet (PDF)
This worksheet can assist with taking an idea and turning it into a bill for the State Convention.

Legislative Eligibility

Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in the Legislative program.

  1. Participants must complete the Student Registration Form on the YIG website by the stated deadline to participate at the State Convention.
  2. Delegation Directors will assign legislators to a specific chamber.
  3. No bill may have more than two authors. Senators may not co-author bills. Novice House legislators may only co-author with other Novice House legislators.
  4. Legislators may only author or co-author one bill. The same bill may not be submitted by more than one legislator in a delegation, or two if co-authoring.
  5. Each legislator must submit a bill using the online form on the YIG website on or before the stated deadline date in order to attend the State Convention.