Moot Case -2015 with exhibits – PDF

Moot Trial Team Schedule -2015 Clark


The goal of the Judicial Program is to expose Missouri youth to the judicial process, from participation in trials as attorneys and witnesses, to developing leadership skills through mentoring and serving as Judges in those trials. The focus of the students’ work during the fall is on learning and practicing the various parts of a trial, and developing the case you work on throughout the semester.5559465739_f33c7a3d59_b

A judicial team is made up of two to four students.

Students may also apply to serve as a judge. Selections are made by the Program Coordinators. Judges preside over the trials at the State Convention. A student selected as a judge must also prepare a trial brief and try a case as an attorney. In order to be eligible to apply to be a Judge, you must have one year of experience in the program.   If you are a Judge, you may also participate as part of a trial team in the moot trial competition if you so choose.

The Judicial Program is led by Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court, who is selected at the previous State Convention by the student judges. The Presiding Judge serves as a mentor to all judges and judicial participants.

Judicial Preparation

The Judicial program requires preparation before the State Convention on the part of each student in order to be successful. When you come to the State Convention, you need to be well prepared to try the case  that you have been working on during the semester, and also to prepare and try a second case in a trial competition during the State Convention. This Judicial Program handbook provides you with an explanation of how the program works, an overview of the parts of a trial, and tips for preparing your case. Above all, our goal for you is to learn about the judicial process while having fun.

Judicial Documents

***Check back soon for the 2015 case***

Case 1 (the school competition) is in this document:  MO YIG Judicial Case 1 – 2015 (PDF)

The Attorney General Case will be coming out shortly.

Case 2 (the trial competition) will be coming out in mid October.

2014 Judicial Case (PDF)
This is the case and exhibits used for the mock trials at the State Convention.

Sample Trial Brief (PDF)
This is a sample trial brief to assist students with developing their trial brief.

Judicial Eligibility

Any student in 9-12 grade is eligible to participate in the Judicial Program.

  1. Participants must complete the Student Registration Form on the YIG website by the stated deadline to participate at the State Convention.
  2. Students must work with a trial team in their delegation to prepare the proper trial brief.
  3. Trial briefs must be filed by the stated deadline in the appropriate format.