The goal of the Executive Branch Program is to provide students with a leadership opportunity by serving as or for an Executive Officer. During the State Convention, opportunities for students to participate include Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Governor’s Staff, Assistant Secretary of State, and Assistant Attorneys General.

The structure of the program is based on that of Missouri’s Executive Branch, with elections taking place during the YIG State Convention. Students elect a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General, who each then serve the following year. The Governor has a staff during the State Convention. The Secretary of State and Attorney General appoint assistants who will serve with them at the State Convention.


Below are summaries of the various positions within the Executive Branch. For more detailed information on the qualifications, duties, and selection process for each position, please refer to the Tab 11 Student Leadership


The Governor serves as the highest representative of, the strongest leader in, and the most enthusiastic promoter of Missouri YMCA Youth In Government. The Governor remains prepared to represent the YMCA and speak about YIG to other individuals or groups. The Governor’s Manual defines the duties and expectations of the Governor.

Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor primarily serves as the ranking member of the Senate. This person presides over the Senate and serves in a leadership capacity in its activities.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State presides over the registration and elections at the annual State Convention. This involves handling delegation arrivals, setting up the ballot and voting area, and counting the ballots. The Secretary of State also co-signs bills with the Governor and affixes the seal of YIG.

Attorney General

The Attorney General conducts a mock trial at the State Convention, working with Assistant Attorneys General. Also, the Attorney General traditionally responds to requests from the Governor and Legislators for legal opinions on pending legislation and on various aspects of the legislative process. The Attorney General may appoint and empower two Assistant Attorneys General to oversee the duties of public relations and legislative testimony.

Governor’s Staff

The Governor appoints students to serve as staff, who shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor during the State Convention. Staff members may take on specific duties as assigned by the Governor, such as Chief of Staff, Press Secretary, etc. Other staff members may represent the executive departments of state government on behalf of the Governor. During the State Convention, the staff members will actively work to pass their bills by testifying at committee hearings, lobbying legislators, and keeping the Governor informed on the status of legislation. Staff members will participate in staff meetings, press conferences, and other events related to the Governor. They will play an active role in advising the Governor about legislation and will also monitor other legislation related to their policy area.


  1. Participants must complete the Student Registration Form on the YIG website by the stated deadline to participate at the State Convention.
  2. Students holding these positions are elected at the previous State Convention or are selected by an Executive Officer. Therefore, there is no open registration for this program.